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Premium Upgrades

Since we opened our first dating site in 1997 we have dedicated ourselves to being a safe and free place for people to meet. Over the years we have had many requsts for additional features for the sites and the move to add these premium upgrades was made very carefully.

Please note that we are still dedicated to the community and providing a free service.
You can post an ad for free - you can reply to ads for free.
This is not changing - this will never change!

We offer two optional premium upgrades:Gold Membership & Privacy Membership

Gold Membership Privileges:

While only registed users can access email and website information, some users still don't feel comfortable posting their email address for fear of being spammed or harassed. While we can do little to help when an email is sent directly to our members, to assist with this situation we created the privacy membership.

Privacy Membership Privileges:

Terms and Pricing

Let us be very clear: We do not do recurring billing!
When your upgrade expires - you will recieve an email telling you it has expired (not a bill).
If you desire to purchase again you may log back in and purchase another upgrade.
Privacy Members - when your upgrade expires, your ad gets hidden so that your email stays private!

Please select carefully as we will not be issuing refunds! These upgrades are only for serious members who are looking to take advantage of these added options. If you have any questions please contact us at

Gold Membership Pricing

30 Days:$9.95
90 Days:$24.95
180 Days:$39.95

Privacy Membership Pricing

30 Days:$9.95
60 Days:$24.95
180 Days:$39.95

Gold + Privacy Membership Combo Pricing

30 Days:$17.95
90 Days:$47.95
180 Days:$77.95

To Upgrade Your Membership - You Must First Login

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